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The Cutest World Cup Google Doodles You Might Have Missed

Jul 1 2014 - 12:50pm

Who doesn't love them some Google Doodles? As if it were possible, it seems the illustrations for this year's World Cup have gotten more adorable than usual [1]. Ahead, check out all the moving, dancing doodles that you may have missed amid all that World Cup watching [2], plus what the doodlers behind some of the drawings had to say about their creations.

Source: Google [3]

Argentina vs. Switzerland

Source: Google [4]

Streets of Rio

"Inspiration from the streets of Rio straight to the homepage."

Source: Google [5]

Soccer at the Beach

Source: Google [6]

Chile vs. Brazil

"Viva Chile and Brazil — may the best team win!"

Source: Google [7]

Talking to Reporters

Source: Google [8]

US vs. Germany

"May the best team win in today's USA vs. Germany showdown!"

Source: Google [9]

Japan vs. Colombia

"Japanese tech fans come up against a Colombian vulture!"

Source: Google [10]

France vs. Nigeria

"The ground staff are ready for France vs. Nigeria!"

Source: Google [11]

Dance Party

"The World Cup opening ceremony was so inspiring — and what an unbeleafable coincidence — our next doodle has a dancing tree person too. Congrats Brazil!

Want to keep dancing? Here's an alternate version [12]."

Source: Google [13]

Mexico vs. Cameroon

"We were so startled by the luchador in this doodle, we got the Cameroon flag wrong on the first go! #realTimeDoodleProblems

Well played, Mexico!"

Source: Google [14]

Spain vs. Netherlands

"Fans of Spain and Netherlands go head to head!"

Source: Google [15]

Chile vs. Australia

"Every match has winners and losers, but, in the end, it's the dance off amongst fans that really matters."

Source: Google [16]

Fútbol Practice

"Practice make perfect — that's why you'll see our letters working on their skills from time to time. Looks easy? You try bouncing a ball on your head in an infinite loop!"

Source: Google [17]

Uruguay vs. Costa Rica

"The only thing more stressful than launching real time doodles is coaching a team in the World Cup. Follow the Uruguay vs Costa Rica game's story through the Doodle [18]."

Source: Google [19]

England vs. Italy

"Join us for the rumble in the jungle! England v Italy."

Source: Google [20]

World Cup Meets Father's Day

"Having a ball with my dad on Father's Day [21]!"

Source: Google [22]

Brazilian Way of Life

"Enjoy your Sunday with some Samba and an agua de coco!"

Source: Google [23]

Germany vs. Portugal

Source: Google [24]

The Wave

"The football/soccer craze is making waves for . . . just about everyone."

Source: Google [25]

US vs. Ghana

"USA and Ghanaian eagles go beak to beak. What an eggcellent game."

Source: Google [26]

Paul the Octopus

"Here we have an artist's rendition of the late Paul the Octopus — perhaps the most famous of all psychic cephalopods — trying to choose the winner in the World Cup match from that big aquarium in the sky. Who will it be?? Only Paul knows."

Source: Google [27]

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