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These World Cup Memes Win Everything

Jul 2 2014 - 5:20am

You know that big thing happening [1] right now? The World Cup? Sure, the games and the scoring are exciting, but it's the little moments [2] that we're captivated by. Like the one time a Uruguayan player bit another player's ear or Tim Howard proved he's a super hero [3] or Brazil took a beating [4]. What's even better are the hilarious memes (and GIFs [5]!) to prove it. Can't wait to see what else will happen as the games continue [6]!

Source: Reddit user Commandant1 [7]'

Perfect use of an Oprah meme. Ever. (ICYMI, this tragedy was the inspiration [8].)

Source: Twitter user YourLifesTweets [9]

Poor, heartbroken Brazilian fans [10].

Source: Reddit user Commandant1 [11]'

Tim Howard blocks all the things.

Source: Twitter user General Boles [12]

That one time Uruguay player Luis Suárez bit Giorgio Chiellini, Italy defender. Chomp.

Source: Facebook user World Cup Memes [13]

Hey look, Robin van Persie (aka the Flying Dutchman) meets Flappy Bird.

Source: Twitter user doglab [14]

Grumpy Cup 2014.

Source: Imgflip [15]

Cristiano Ronaldo, can we talk about that hair?

Source: Twitter user TerezOwens [16]

I don't see it.

Source: Meme Center [17]


Source: Make a Meme [18]

Yeah, that's a problem.

Source: Quickmeme [19]

Suajaws. So good.

Source: Twitter user SBSNews [20]

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