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Would You Buy 'Smart Tech' Furniture?

Would You Buy 'Smart Tech' Furniture?

A couple months ago I pointed out the fact that Pottery Barn is pushing "Smart Tech" to the masses with a line of furniture and desk accessories that integrate chargers and better hide cords. Turns out, the company is really serious about the line, even going so far as to put one of the designs on the front cover of their September catalog along side a pretty iPhone, iPod, shuffle and Canon camera.

For the most part the pieces look like regular Pottery Barn ballyhoo, but connect your high-tech accessories to power while keeping their cords discreet. The line isn't so "smart" that it can serve you up a cold one or park your car, or even wirelessly charge your gadgets, but the integration of cords and speakers does make your living space cleaner. Would you buy it?

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