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Yelp User Sued for Negative Review, Google Sued for Negative Blog Comments

Should You Be Able to Say Anything Negative on the Internet?

It's quite the litigious news day for the Internet, what with the news that a Yelp user is being sued for his negative review of a doctor, and a model is suing Google because of anonymous nasty comments about her which were posted on a Blogger-hosted blog.

Disregarding the validity of each case, they both present interesting cases for how we should and shouldn't use the Internet; as for Yelp, you're supposed to be able to post negative reviews (reviews tending to be one way or the other); will each negative claim be investigated? Could I be sued for not being able to prove that I found a hair in my burrito?

As for the nasty comments on a blog, I'm pretty sure this model will be told one way or another that a thicker skin is in order. Or will she? What are her rights (or anyone that's bullied) in comparison to the freedom of speech of the anonymous poster?

What do you think? Should you be able to say anything negative on the Internet? What are the limits?


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