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Yoshi's Woolly World Is the Cutest Nintendo Game Ever

Yoshi's Woolly World Is the Cutest Nintendo Game Ever

Mario and Luigi's dinosaur sidekick, Yoshi, will be more adorable than ever in his new game, Yoshi's Woolly World, which Nintendo announced Tuesday during its digital press event at the E3 gaming conference. The Wii U game, available the first half of 2015, is codeveloped by Good-Feel, the Japanese developer behind Kirby's Epic Yarn, but Yoshi's adventures will look considerably different this time around. Instead of using simple strands of yarn like with Kirby, Yoshi's entire world is built out of textiles like felt, yarn, cloth, and cotton.

Yoshi himself is also made of yarn, stitched together to look like popular stuffed knit toys. The dino eggs Yoshi used to throw at enemies are replaced with yarn balls that can vanquish enemies or be unraveled to build up new pipes. Like other Yoshi games, this one won't have level time limits so that players can explore the world and play with the possibilities of the yarn.

As Takashi Tezuka of Nintendo said, "In the case of Yoshi, he's so almighty, if he tries he can fly as far as he wants." So players can push the limits of how Yoshi moves through the Woolly World.

The goal, Nintendo said during its presentation, was to make everything in Yoshi's Woolly World look handmade. Take a look at gameplay previews below — handmade achievement unlocked?

Source: Nintendo