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Will You Be Checking Out Gamer This Weekend?

Are You Checking Out Gamer This Weekend?

I'm all about taking time out to watch a good flick over a holiday weekend, and this weekend the geeks can look forward to at least one move that's aimed at them: Gamer. Now, I'm a big fan of games, and have even been known to watch a few shows about gamers, but this action movie reminds me of a few other ones that weren't so great. Remember Death Race — a movie that pits death row inmates against each other in a race to see who gets set free? Toss in a burly star determined to go free, add a tough-as-nails woman in charge, and you have pretty much the same formula.

Although the formula of Gamer is similar, the plot does have its differences — players outside the prison are in control of the inmates (like avatars in a game). But I'm wondering, what's the point of setting them free if they aren't even in control? There are many questions to be answered. Check out the trailer above, then tell me — are you seeing Gamer when it opens on Friday?

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