iDapt Charging Station

iDapt Aims to Be the Only Charger Dock You'll Ever Need

iDapt Charging Station

Charging stations and docks are fab because they can manage your cable clutter and save you precious outlet space, while keeping multiple gadgets juiced. The downside is regular docks and stations can sometimes get bulky to make room for a hidden power strip and multiple charging cords. Sure, they keep things tidy, but who wants a breadbox sitting in their entryway?

For those who want to cut down on clutter and maximize usable space, there's the iDapt line of chargers. Coming in two ($40), three ($50), or four ($60) port styles, the iDapt uses a patented interchangeable tip system so you can customize which gadgets you charge, and eliminate the need for charging cables altogether. The charging tips are small, inexpensive (charging tips are only $10 each), and can be inserted into any available port on the iDapt charging dock. With over 4,500 compatible tips, you're covered no matter which gadget you own, even when you upgrade or switch devices in the future. This includes phones, tablets, gaming devices, and more. There's even a USB connector on the side so you can charge your tablet, camera, or other USB-compatible devices. Learn more about the iDapt, and take a closer look at the system in the fresh-from-CES-pics in the gallery!


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