The iLoad sat on my desk for a good week before I decided to take it out of its box. It wasn't that it didn't look sleek, (while it's a little heavy it does match the regular iPod and my MacBook) but more that as a 21st century woman, I find the idea of it a bit confusing. When I eventually tried it out, I did realize the device's use, but still don't think I'm its target customer.

The iLoad device takes your CDs (apparently it will work with DVDs soon too), as well as any music, album and video data, and loads them directly to your iPod without using a computer or requiring an Internet connection. As someone who has a computer and constant internet access to download from iTunes, this seems silly, but for those people who avoid/don't have computers but do have an iPod (i.e my mother), it could be real handy.

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The device itself is pretty "sturdy" - it weighs about 4 pounds and is 8-inches by 7.25-inches and 3.4-inches high. It features about 256 MB DDR RAM, RCA-style jacks, 2.5mm headset/Speaker, microphone and line in, mouse Port, keyboard port, monitor port and ethernet port. It costs $299.

Because its use is so simple - put music on your iPod without a computer - I think the iLoad could really take off if it was half the size and (I know this is never going to happen) half its price. Last year my sister spent some time in Japan without her own computer (she used the computers at her school or internet cafes), but would write home about how bummed she was she couldn't add all her new Japanese pop CDs onto her iPod without losing all the music that was already on there. I think the iLoad could be a perfect traveling companion in that case, if only it were more compact.