iPad 2 Case From Booqpad

iPad on the Left, Notepad on the Right: Booqpad For iPad 2

iPad 2 Case From Booqpad

Though details of the iPad 2 have only been available to the public for less than a week, there are already a number of cases meant for the device. If you prefer a mix of old school and new technology like me, the Booqpad may be for you.

It combines a protective iPad case and notepad, with additional storage pockets. The Booqpad comes in two forms, 100 percent recycled PET (the material used to make water bottles) for $50, and a soft leather version ($99) and designed symmetrically so both right- and left-handed users can properly maneuver the case and notepad. The included notepad is made from 30 percent post-consumer materials and printed with soy ink.

Click through the slideshow to check out images of all five available colors.