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Ask a Geek Girl: I Need a Good iPhone 3G Case

Although I've listed tons of new case options, there are still some of you that want something specific. Take Geek reader millarci, for example, when she wrote in to ask about which iPhone 3G case she should invest in:

I'm in the market for an iPhone 3G case. I prefer something clear, but want something that will protect my iPhone 3G from scratches, smudges, etc. So far, I'm leaning towards the Contour Flick, which seems to be a best-seller on the apple website. Any ideas?

To see what I suggest, just


Although the Contour Flick is a top seller on the Apple website, its reviews have been less than stellar. I personally picked up the Griffin Nu Form in white (pictured above), and it has been awesome. Not only does the Nu Form have a protective yet streamlined hard shell, it also comes stocked with a clear face cover so you can keep scratches off your screen. It never fails that I'll toss my keys into the designated "gadget compartment" of my bag and scratch up my goodies, but not with this bad boy.

An alternative to a case is a clear skin. Be warned that applying them can be a bit time consuming (getting all the corners and ends to match up), but I can attest that The Best Skin Ever (yup, that's the name) totally rocks! I've had one on my iPod for a while and recently slapped one on my iPhone to test it out. They've felt completely protected ever since. But of course, I think dropping my phone with just the skin to protect it would still cause my heart to skip a beat!

I hope these suggestions help, and let millarci know which case you use in the comments below!

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