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iPhone 3GS and 3G Updates

Reader Redux: On Bricked iPhone 3Gs

Last week we asked you if you thought it was possible that Apple could have turned iPhone 3Gs into bricks after the iOS4 update in order to promote the iPhone 4, possibly increasing sales. Here's what you had to say:

  • "My mom and a friend of mine both use a 3G and they have both noticed the phones acting sluggish and very unresponsive after they updated to the new 4.0 and even 4,1 software." — (L)
  • "I ran iOS4 on my 3G for a few months and never had a problem. Of course I did end up getting the iPhone 4, but that had nothing to do with my phone being slow or anything." — bethinabox

Read more of your comments when you read more.

  • "So my 3G has become worse than the caveman phone I had for some time (between phone contracts). My earpiece has stopped working, and the only time I can actually hear someone is if I have the phone on speaker or have my headsets plugged in. When I am typing in an E-mail, it thinks for actually two minutes (I counted) before letting me start typing. Now my alarm actually starts going off one hour before it is scheduled for so a 5:00 a.m. wake up call turns into a 4:00 a.m. wake up call! I had taken it to the Apple store to get it fixed, the "Genius" there kept saying I don't know to all my questions, and then recommended I buy the 4G! Crapple indeed!" — shoegirl365
  • "I upgraded my 3G, which I keep at the bedside, since I also got a iPhone 4 for my pocket. The 3G works perfectly. It doesn't even seem slow except next to the 4. " — astandy
  • "It makes a LOT of sense now. My 3G has gone downhill so fast since iOS4 came out." — eliburford
  • "I don't know about malicious intent (but it might be true), but they screwed us by not allowing reinstall of iOS3." — by_tor
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