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3 iPhone Camera Shortcuts You Never Knew

Mar 3 2016 - 1:45pm

To get all those great Instagram pics [1], you gotta start somewhere. Master your iPhone's camera feature by remembering these easy shortcuts.

Source: Flickr user danicuki [2]

Use Your Headphones to Take Pictures

Once you're in Camera mode, press the middle of your iPhone earbud remote to take a photo. Bonus tip: You can also snap a shot using the volume-up button.

Perfect for: Group selfies when you need to extend your arm.

Source: Youtube user TodaysiPhone [3]

On the Home Screen, Swipe Up on the Camera Icon to Take Photos

. . . even when your phone is locked.

Perfect for: The next time a cat on a skateboard goes by and you don't have time to waste.

Photo: Nicole Nguyen

Take Photos in Bursts

If you want to snap photos as fast as you would on a DSLR, just hold the shutter button [4] and the camera will instantly take photos in a fast succession.

Perfect for: Photo shoots with your BFFs.

Source: Youtube user Milos I. [5]

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