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Is This the Next iPhone?

Jul 7 2014 - 5:15pm

What if you never had to worry about a cracked iPhone screen [1] ever again? Apple blogger Sonny Dickson posted an allegedly leaked video of a flexible display made for the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 6.

A bendy screen would be virtually shatterproof as well as resistant to scratches and other injuries. There's already a flex-display Android, the LG G Flex [2], on the market, so Apple may be trying to compete.

If Apple follows tradition this year, the iPhone 6 will arrive in the Fall. All the rumors [3] point to a bigger screen, thinner hardware, and a sharper display. A new operating system, iOS 8 [4], will also be ready come September.


What do you think about a crack-resistant display? Is it a tech gimmick or a valuable addition?

Source: YouTube user Sonny Dickson [5]

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