iPhone and Blackberry Head to Head

The iPhone vs. BlackBerry Celebrity Showdown

iPhone and Blackberry Head to Head

The greatest geeky battle is being fought on our nation's streets. . .the streets of Hollywood, that is. Our country's most photographed residents can't avoid being snapped with their cell phone of choice, and most fall into the tech world's fiercest opponents: The BlackBerry and the iPhone. BlackBerry lovers can't keep their hands off their BB's, though they often upgrade their model, and it seems every day, the iPhone wins a fan from a person who is used to having fans.

Weighing in between 3 and 5 oz., the 9-year-old BlackBerry sports a mean camera, super-fast e-mail, and relies on the thumbs for its strength. Its weakness? Internet browsing.

Capitalizing on that handicap is the iPhone in this corner, weighing in at 4.5 oz. The iPhone may be young at barely a year old, but it's no amateur: Its browser KOs every other opponent, the iPod comes from a long line of successful fighters, and the touchscreen, well, cannot be touched.

Let's see how they stack up in the hands of Hollywood! Ring the bell!