iPhone Case That Looks Like a Camera

iCA Case Turns Your iPhone Into a Pseudo-Realistic Camera

iPhone Case That Looks Like a Camera

You take so many photos with your iPhone as it is (check out the Instagram #CoolCapture tag for proof!), you might as well make it a full-time gig. Miss the tactile response, look, and feel of a digital or film camera? That's no problem with the iCA iPhone case ($65).

This case, made of tough polycarbonate, keeps your iPhone 4 and 4S protected on all sides and even comes with a set of two lenses — a fisheye and macro — and a detachable tripod mount to get the most out of your shots. The iCA is obviously a little on the bulky side and wouldn't make a great day-to-day case, but is perfect for weekend outings, parties, and gatherings, or when you want to have a bit of fun with your iPhone photography. Coming in black, brown, or white, you can get the color that suits you best. I'm loving the brown for its likeness to the Fujifilm X100 special edition. So classy.

Check out more images of the iCA in the gallery!


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