iPhone Lust + Tiffany Jewelry = iGems?

I like to think of myself as an expert when it comes to geek jewelry, mostly because I feel like I've seen it all. From Computer Key Rings, to Mike and Maaike's "Stolen Jewels," the market seems endless, but often lacking that truly chic luxury item mystique. The release of the iPhone makes all the iPod jewelry look like last season's rejects, so we decided to create a couple faux iPhone jewelry pieces for you to drool, joke and daydream about. I mean, people are willing to throw down $600 for a tiny wifi-enabled iPod/phone combo. Toss in some gems, platinum, gold and Tiffany & Co. and Apple-branding and these babies would sell like, well iPhones, am I right? I mean, it may be silly, but if it came in a little blue box...



Jewels from Tiffany & Co., icons from the iPhone and ridiculous idea courtesy of yours truly.