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The 10 Worst iPhone Problems

Jan 21 2014 - 12:49pm

File this one under #firstworldproblems, but sometimes having an iPhone just doesn't cut it. Raise that hand if you can relate.

Source: Flickr user Miranda Celeste Hale [1]

When Siri Acts Like Siri . . .

When Someone Sends You a Group iMessage and You Get Everyone's Responses

When You Forget to Carry Your Charger With You When You Go Out

When You're in a Group and Someone Else Gets a Text but You Think It Was You

Source: TLC [2]

When You Drop Your Phone and Have to Turn It Over to See If the Screen Cracked

When You Take the Subway

Source: E! [3]

When Autocorrect Writes Something Embarrassing

Source: TLC [4]

When You Get an Alert Saying Your Storage Space Is Almost Full [5]

When You Go From 40 Percent Battery to Five Percent in a Matter of Minutes

When You Finally Buy the iPhone 5s and Hear That the 6 Is Coming Out Next Month

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