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iPhone and Twitter Widows Common in Geek Relationships

Have You Ever Been (or Made) a Technology Widow?

There's the well-know iPhone widow, when one significant other gets an iPhone and their iPhone-less partner must suffer the injustices of being ignored for a cell phone, and the Kimberly Williams-coined "Twittow" — when one person is left abandoned for obsessive twitter updates.

Tech lovers know all too well that the initial infatuation with a new gadget is so intoxicating that it's easy to neglect your real life human partner. Though my boyfriend will play with his iPhone as much as I will, sometimes I will be on my laptop "Internetting" just a little too long, and he'll bug me to hang out with him instead of in my two-dimensional life.

So tell me, have you ever been or made someone a technology widow?

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xjessicarose xjessicarose 6 years
My boyfriend just got a new phone and he even goes on facebook when we've gone out for dinner sometimes! :|
cherryblossom cherryblossom 6 years
macgirl is abosolutely right I do all these things with my boyfriend we dont get new technology separately we get it together, and some would argue that i play more hourage of games than him sometimes, you guys should let loose and chakra healer, that was mean you shouldnt make your signifigant other quit something they enjoy thats just cruel, your name would imply an open mind, but your actions sure dont.
kia kia 6 years
At times I am. No big deal though. This is true especially when he gets something new. I am fine with his hyper-infatuation at first but mention something if it gets out of hand and interferes with any plans we have. He reacts accordingly and chills out if he has been getting too obsessive. This also works to my advantage if there is something I want to focus on or have a lot of plans that don't involve him... I just time it when he gets new software or hardware.
macgirl macgirl 6 years
I guess I'm fortunate that the husband and I share in all of this together. We play Gears of War together, both have iPhones and yes Flight Control Co-Op rocks :-) Since there is so much technology we do take breaks at night. I think it would be really hard to not have these same interests.
kedawen kedawen 6 years
When my boyfriend had an iPod Touch and I didn't, I would feel left out. Then I got one, and now we spend time sitting next to each other both playing games on our iPods. :) There are a couple we can play together (Flight Control FTW!) and that's fun. I also had a laptop way before he got his and sometimes I would (and still do) stay up way too late reading or something! We have a good balance, though. We make sure to make time together away from our technology!
Chrstne Chrstne 6 years
My boyfriend is a programmer, so needless to say technology is his life. He loves to play computer games and video games, too. Sometimes it gets a little bit excessive for my tastes, but it relaxes him and he enjoys it, so I try my hardest not to mind. Some days it gets to me, and I tell him to stop for a while just so I can get in some more QT on the week days. On weekends, I don't give a crap.
chakra_healer chakra_healer 6 years
Nope. He used to play video games, but I put the kibosh on that early on.
caroline_1 caroline_1 6 years
I'm in a Facebook group called "Gears of War Stole My Boyfriend", yes.
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