iPod Touch, iPod Nano Pictures and Updates

Latest Photos and Updates For iPod Touch and Nano

iPod Touch, iPod Nano Pictures and Updates

During today's Apple "Let's Talk iPhone" event at the company's Cupertino headquarters, Phil Shiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, announced some exciting updates for the iPod Nano and iPod touch.

The latest iPod Nano offers compact design, multitouch display, volume buttons, integrated clip, internal pedometer, and FM radio. As of today, Apple is currently selling two nano sizes: 8GB ($129) and 16GB ($149) in seven different colors.

With the release of the iPhone 4S, Apple has made some drastic updates to the iPod touch. The 960-by-640 backlit LCD display screen now consists of 326 pixels per inch, making this the highest resolution iPod to date – a must for mobile gamers. iPod touch cameras are equipped to shoot 720p HD video, even in low-light conditions. Most notably, the iPod touch now uses iOS 5 software which sports 200 new features, including iMessage, a new free WiFi texting service, and Twitter integration. The updated iPod touch with iOS 5 and iCloud will be available Oct. 12 in classic black or white in 8 GB ($199), 32 GB ($299), or 64 GB ($399).

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