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iPod Video Goggles: Love It Or Leave It?

Given the actual look of these iPod Video Goggles, this would probably make a legitimate Totally Geeky or Geek Chic poll, but I'm actually wondering if anyone would actually use/love these. I mean, we already know they're pretty darn geeky, but will anyone go on record and affirm they would use them?

The video goggles plug directly into your video iPod and project a virtual 24-inch TV directly. They draw power directly from your iPod (that means there aren't any added wires), but they cost $199, which is a high price to pay for something that looks like the disposable 3D glasses you wear at Disneyland's Back to the Future ride.

Yes, you could watch your guilty pleasure shows without anyone knowing, but you'd still get the reputation as the person that sits around absorbing life through video goggles. It's your choice: Love it or Leave it?

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