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iPod/Media Player Games

Do You Play Games on Your iPod/Media Player?

With all the ways I could keep myself occupied on the train to and from work – like playing games on my DS, my iPhone, and my PSP – I guess I just plain forgot that I had games on my iPod!

I found myself stuck on the train the other morning after just realizing that I forgot not only my DS, but my iPhone too! It was like I was missing an arm I tell you. To add to the pain, our subway system here is known to run pretty slow during rush hour, and this was one of those days. While I was standing there fidgeting, I realized I still had my iPod, and then remembered that I had a few games on there that could occupy my time while the train was making its way to the station. Granted it wasn't as fancy and involved as Lego Indiana Jones, or Lost, but Solitaire did the job well.

Do you still play games on your iPod or media player?


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