When I compared the Roomba to the Dyson Slim (if you haven't seen the fun video, click on the link), I described the Roomba as a "geeky guy magnet gadget that's cleverly disguised as a vacuum." Seriously, girls may swoon to the Dyson, but guys seem to be pulled by gravity to the Roomba. Well gravity has definitely shifted ever since the iRobot got a hot new makeover! What I suggest is you use the fantabulous Dyson for thorough carpet cleaning sessions and then bust out the red Roomba for quick touch-ups. Just turn it on and head out for an afternoon filled with lattés and shopping. The Roomba Red will clean all your surfaces while the supersensitive bumpers help the vacuum feel its way around the room. All you have to do is charge up the battery and leave the iRobot alone to do all your dirty work.
Priced at $150.

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