iTunes U iPad App Pictures

First Look at iTunes U App For iPad

iTunes U iPad App Pictures

With student loan costs rising to astronomic levels, those on a quest for learning may be forced to find less expensive alternatives outside the traditional classroom. Thank your lucky stars for iTunes U's free online classes, now neatly compiled into an awesome iPad app so you can take your lessons on the go. Apple announced the new iTunes U iPad app this morning during its education-themed event (learn more about their iBooks 2 and iBooks Author apps as well) that brings together hundreds of open courses and lectures from some of the most prestigious colleges from around the globe. Free classes from ivy league schools? Don't mind if I do.

The iTunes U app is free to download and the classes are free to take and stream, so what do you have to lose? We browsed through the iTunes U app today and snapped a few pics, so check them out in the slideshow and tell us — will these new apps and free courses urge you to buy an iPad if you don't already have one?


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