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Read Emails Faster!

Here are a few tips from USA Today that will have you (and me) blasting through our inboxes in no time!

  • When inside an email, click the N button to go to the 'next' message. This is much faster than exiting the email and then scrolling down to open the next one. You can also use this with photos as well.
  • If you want to read a previous email, click the P button when inside of a message and you'll immediately see the "previous" one.
  • And if you've scrolled all the way down a long email and want to go back to the top, just press the T button to move your cursor back to the "top" of the screen.


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gelita gelita 8 years
this works in blackberry bold... you have made my live easier
sader04 sader04 8 years
So I just tried this on my Pearl and it pseudo failed. The JK button moves to the next e-mail The DF button moves to the previous e-mail The CV button goes to the end of the e-mail The ER button goes to the top of the e-mail Enjoy
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