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Use Three Way Calling!

Now you can have the gift of gab with three of your girlfriends at once. Just follow these steps to get your group call started asap!

  1. While in your first call, hit the space bar to bring up your recent call list.
  2. Choose a contact to dial from the address book. When you start dialing, the original caller is placed on hold.
  3. After the second caller answers, swap back and forth between callers or join the two with you.

Geek Tip You can also use this feature when you receive an incoming call during an existing call. The caller you have in call waiting can join with the new caller. Love it love it love it!

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lolmisstran lolmisstran 7 years
ZOMG! It Works :)
sader04 sader04 8 years
This doesn't seem to work on the Pearl. Sad...
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