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Ford Focus Electric

Why you'll love it: The brand new 2012 Ford Focus Electric is stocked with lithium ion batteries, 240 volt charging capabilities (which juices up the batteries in as little as three hours), and a customizable MyFordTouch navigation panel that uses a 4.2-inch LCD screen to show your battery levels, directions, heat and air controls, and more. Plus, there's a smart "Brake Coach" that tells you how and when to press on the brake to optimize energy range. Even the seats are eco-friendly — they're made of 100 percent post industrial fibers.

Price and availability: Due out later this year, the Ford Focus Electric's price is TBD.

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Kristy-Ellington Kristy-Ellington 3 years
Hey Ericthepilot — all prices are quoted directly from the websites, which are listed at MSRP. $7,500 tax savings would be taken off after that unless otherwise stated. And you're absolutely right on the battery pack vs. motor language. Thanks!
Ericthepilot Ericthepilot 3 years
couple of errors in this post, first the prices for the volt and the leaf are what they would be AFTER tax savings and I don't think the author did the same thing for the model s. Which has 3 different BATTERY PACKS not engines and a MOTOR instead of an engine. Otherwise a good article.

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