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Report Online Scams and Phishing Emails

Don't sit back and let your web presence get inundated with suspicious emails and scams. Report hackings, Internet fraud, and dubious emails to the US government.

Hacking or a computer virus

If you suspect you've become a victim of hacking or have had a computer virus installed on your machine, then you can report the incident to your Internet service provider (like Comcast or AT&T) or directly to the FBI.

Internet fraud

If you've been shopping online and think that you've been scammed, have had your identity stolen, or notice fraudulent activity, then you can report the offender to the FTC for investigation. Then check out the FTC's resource for what to do next and how to protect yourself.

Spam or phishing emails

If you suspect you've received spam or phishing emails (that are trying to scam you for private information like log-ins and passwords), then forward them directly to the FTC's database for spam with the full header information, or send to the Anti-Phishing Working Group.

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