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Shop Safely Online

Have an online shopping addiction? Be sure you follow these general rules so you don't become the victim of an online credit card scam!

  • Use a single credit card for all online purchases: It's best to use a credit card for all online charges (vs. a debit card), since credit cards offer the most protection against fraud. Additionally, designate just one credit card for all online purchases.
  • Monitor charges: The most basic thing you can do is to keep an eye on your designated card's charges. Review your monthly statements, and call your credit card company if you see any suspicious activity or mysterious charges.
  • Don't download unknown attachments: Received a flier in your inbox for an awesome sale? Be sure you know who sent it first — downloading malicious documents to your computer is a quick and surefire way for hackers to get to your personal data.
  • Use https where you can: Connect to sites using a secure connection by typing "https://" before the website address. HTTP (which stands for "hyper text transfer protocol") signifies the transfer of information between web servers and clients, whereas HTTPS signifies a secure connection (S for "secure") — your browser is talking to the server in a secure, encrypted connection. You'll notice it frequently on banking and other sites that contain personal information, and sport a green URL.

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