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Keep Kids Safe Online

Between tablets, smartphones, and the ever-present home computer, kids are pretty tech-savvy these days. Still, keep any online dangers at bay with some practical safety measures.

  • Talk about Internet safety: When your children are old enough to take the wheel on the World Wide Web, it's time to have "the talk." Maybe even go so far as to post a list of Internet dos and don'ts at the family computer desk (which should be in view of a common area at all times to prevent sneak-surfing) to remind the little ones of the rules.
  • Enable parental controls: Enabling parental controls on a Mac is simple (System Preferences > Parental Controls), and a PC isn't difficult either (Control Panel > Internet Options > Content). But you do need to take the time to actually establish your parental control guidelines, which could take some time.
  • Practice safe surfing — Sit with your kids while they surf the Internet, and maybe even show them how you use it. Visit your Facebook pages together, browse their favorite online games, and help them decide what is appropriate. Setting a good example will show them that while there are a lot of scary things online, you can still navigate it safely.
  • Enable browser extensions: Firefox, Chrome, and Safari all offer great extensions, and there are plenty out there that help your kids surf safely and responsibly. Just search "parental control" in any of these add-on stores, and you'll find a number of extensions that block sites, password protect, and keep credit card info away from your connection.

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