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Wearables Take Over Tech

We're literally getting more attached to our gadgets. Smartwatches took center stage as tech giant Samsung introduced the watch-as-phone Galaxy Gear in September. The Kickstarter born-and-bred Pebble smartwatch also hit the big time, with units now sold at Best Buy to help meet demand. At IFA Berlin, Sony unveiled its second-generation "phone remote," the Smartwatch 2, which the maker claims has the longest lasting battery at seven days of low usage and three to four days for normal usage.

This year also saw a myriad of updated fitness gadgets, including the Jawbone UP24, Nike+ Fuelband SE, and the Fitbit Force to name a few.

While there are many smartwatches competing in the space, a frontrunner is not yet clear. Perhaps next year will see the release of rumored wrist tech from Apple and Google?

Hands weren't the only part of the body going high tech. Google Glass went live at 2013's SXSW in April, and Glasswearers took the tech to new heights, like photojournalist Richard Koci Hernandez.

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