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Here Come the Consoles: Xbox and PlayStation Release Next-Generation Machines

Gamers anticipated the arrival PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, both of which hit shelves in November. Both consoles sold out nearly as soon as they were in stock.

While both gaming machines boast very similar specs, they were positioned as two very different consoles. Sony focused on the new PlayStation's social features, including a share button on the Dual Shock 4 controller and a new dashboard for interaction among players. The ability to freely play used games was another selling point for the PS4. Microsoft's always-online Xbox One can't play used games, unlike the PS4.

The Xbox One was designed as not just a gaming platform, but as the "ultimate all-in-one entertainment system." The new Kinect now comes standard with the console and is a pivotal part of the Xbox One experience. The motion-sensing technology has been updated to work with more conversational speech and gestures, or scroll with the revamped controller to quickly move between game mode, Internet, music, Blu-ray DVDs, and live TV.

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