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She grew up with electricity kits AND dolls.

It's a fact: not enough girls go into engineering. But this doesn't mean we have to deprive our little ladies of girlie toys and replace them with only scientifically inclined playthings.

In fact, Ayah and her three sisters grew up with programming lessons, chemistry sets, electricity kits, and dolls. Because of her technical toys, she had advanced digital literacy at an early age — and because of her nontechnical toys, like dolls, she could push the boundaries of her imagination and creativity.

While Ayah stressed that it's never too late to start anything (especially engineering), she also emphasized the significance of exposing young girls to science and tech.

"It's important, because the pressures of society that start pushing kids toward consumption and girls toward less technical subjects happens early on. They're getting lots of messages all the time, and you have to counter [those messages] with exposure to technical subjects early on to offer an alternative."