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PS: OK, let's talk about the giant hover ship carrier. What was the development process for that vehicle like?

DD: It's something we first saw in The Avengers, and we started with that basic design. The idea with this one is that they are basically weaponized. So we took a lot of reference by looking at real-world weapon systems and applied them to a much larger scale to fit the comic-book-movie-type world.

The devil is in the details. When we try to scale something that big, we try to make as much detail as we possibly can. So you're going to look at all the doors, and the paint on the deck, and the rivets, and the railings. In one of the shots, the modelers put in a safety box in case you fell over the side and there were also nets to catch you. There was an incredible amount of detail that you may not be able to see, but you'll appreciate it in some of the wider shots.

You also get that sense of scale based on how they move and how lumbering they are when they first take off. The amount of effort it takes them on getting up into the air shows how massive and weighty they are.

Image Source: Disney