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PS: Can you talk about the Falcon's wings? They're red in the comics, but they've been updated in this movie.

DD: Well we wanted to make it believable. People can't fly — or as far as we know they can't fly. We wanted to make it so that the backpack was a believable object, something that's tangible, something that could possibly exist. We wanted to make it so that it was an assistive technology, maybe like what Tony [Stark] has.

This was something that was developed on a different kind of design level than some of the other tech we've seen. We've channeled the idea that it is more of a grittier film and it's much more mechanical, so the idea with Falcon is that he controls the wings. If Tony went up and flew and came back and landed, he wouldn't be winded. But if Falcon went up for 20 minutes, he'd be exhausted. It's the idea that Falcon's got his hands on the control of the wings. He's the one that's guiding where he's going to go, and there's more of an athletic requirement to fly with those wings.

He's using a backpack where the wings can be retracted and detracted from. They're made out of carbon fiber and mesh. We tried to add some red accents as a throwback to the original costume as well.

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