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PS: You also worked on Armageddon, so you probably know a thing or two at making these destruction sequences come alive.

DD: A lot more is done on the computer now. When we did Armaggedon, back in the day, I worked on the Paris destruction sequence. We went out to Hansen Dam, and the guys laid down steel decking and put fuller surface on top of that. We had detonating cord laid out in concentric rings so when the asteroid fired off, it felt like Paris was being thrown up into the air and it was headed towards camera. There was a lot of ingenuity involved in creating the effect. The beauty of that was when you figured out how to do it, it immediately looked real. It was much more of a physical shoot with miniatures.

Now you have more CG, but there are things that would have been incredibly difficult to achieve back in the day. So when we have the helicarriers crashing into the building, now we can have lots of other fire events happening on top of the ship and a lot of that debris is done on the computer instead of being shot practically.

Image Source: Disney