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PS: And what about Captain America's shield?

DD: The shield throws are really cool. They're really integral to who Cap is. Chris [Evans, who plays Captain America] has done this several times now and is awesome with pantomiming with the shield. If there was a scene where it was attached to his back and he'd have to take the shield off and throw it, we would do reference passes on set, and he'd do the action so we could see what the shield would look like. Then we would place CG back into the shot later on.

A lot of credit goes to Chris, because you're imagining something that's not there. You're selling the fact that you're throwing, you're also selling the fact that where you're positioning your arm or your hand is believable. He had to leave enough space for the CG to be placed where the shield is in his hand, and he had a natural ability to do that.

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