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Knockout in Floral

On-ear headphones are hardly ever comfortable — especially for those (like myself) with glasses. I assume that on-ear headphones (vs. over-ear headphones, like most noise-cancelling ones) are more for commuters, for people who listen to music in bursts, rather than while sitting down at a desk all day.

Skullcandy's collapsible Knockout ($100) headphones were surprisingly light, which actually made them quite comfortable. POPSUGAR Love & Sex editor Tara Block wore them for about two hours before having to take them off to let her ears rest. Tara did love the look of the headphones the minute she set her eyes on them. The floral pattern is as chic as it looks in the photos, and the light brown leather-like ear-cup interior and the leather-like maroon headband are very Spring appropriate. A carrying case with the same floral pattern is also included.

The leather-like ear cups are soft and shaped triangularly, like ears, so there's no bulk. The bass is punchy and clean — but these are not loud headphones. Plus, at higher volumes, the sound bleeds. Expect your neighbor to hear you bumping Beyoncé on the bus if you like your music a little louder.

It's very stylish and very affordable at under $100. This is a great pick for a commuter or someone on a budget.

Photo: Nicole Nguyen