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1977: Apple II

Beyond its role in popularizing the personal computer as we know it, the Apple II line foreshadowed Apple's sonic future. It wasn't initially promising, though: while third-party peripherals expanded its musical repertoire, 1977’s eight-bit Apple II began with only the most rudimentary audio features.

By 1986, however, the Apple II had evolved into the 16-bit Apple IIGS (the "GS" stands for "graphics and sound"), a precociously audio-savvy machine featuring a wavetable music synthesizer — a first for personal computing at the time. The Apple IIGS commanded a loyal following all the way through 1992, when the Macintosh line took the Apple II's baton.

Want to rock out to Apple II-era MIDIs with a little help from a more modern synthesizer? Well, it’s your lucky day.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

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