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The Three Experiments That Failed: Hoverboards, Space Elevators, and Teleportation

Google X, the company's experimental arm, was first revealed after an in-depth exposé by Fast Company, which divulged details on three insane experiments that failed to make it out of the lab.

1. Halo's futuristic space elevator concept is shown here, but to Google the tech seemed like a not-too-distant reality. It's exactly what you think it is — an elevator, to space, that would require a carbon nanotube "at least a hundred times stronger than the strongest steel that we have," according to a Google X engineer.

2. Hoverboards were also once on the table. Google considered a floor made of magnets to keep a hoverboard afloat, but it couldn't figure out how to get the board to move in any direction. Bummer.

3. The most ludicrous failure is quite possibly teleportation, the transfer of an object's (or person's) molecules to another location. Unfortunately, this violates a number of laws of physics, so it's not happening. Sorry, Trekkies.

Crazy scale: 10^10 (Too crazy to even exist.)

Source: Halo Wikia

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