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Driving While Wearing

My smart-meets-smart experience started with plugging an iPhone into the car’s Lightning connector, which is tucked away in the glove box. It’s a good move that forces drivers to stow the phone away from temptation. The center dash’s seven-inch screen then turns into the interface for the Mercedes Digital DriveStyle app, which is still running on the iPhone.

Think of DriveStyle as the main infotainment and navigation platform, delivered from the iPhone to the center console. (DriveStyle is only available for iOS at the moment.) You can then pair the Pebble with the phone via Bluetooth, after which it acts as a peripheral controller. It's quite the daisy chain of devices, and yet it's still not sufficient to complete the setup — the driver also needs to use the analog rotary dial controller between the front seats.

I spun the dial to the "Media" category and then "Aux," where I finished adding the Pebble to the chain. It takes a minute to wrap your mind around how everything is connected, but once you do, the setup isn't particularly complicated. When everything works and vehicle's engine is running, a little icon of a car appears on the top left corner of the watch.


Bear in mind that my loaner Mercedes CLA 250 already has its own native dashboard infotainment and navigation functions, controlled by analog buttons and viewed on the center dash's seven-inch screen. DriveStyle and Pebble supplant those old-school buttons. The digital high road aims to trump the analog world and its puny apps.

Source: Mercedes

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