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This Person Translates Words Into Brazilian Portuguese

But, of course, these incoming search queries are often in different languages. That is where a translator like Luciana Guimarãres comes in. Most of her job involves turning all of the English copy into Brazilian Portuguese, but she wears many more hats.

When something is spiking in search, oftentimes it's very culturally specific. For example, analysts were baffled when "sweet popcorn" became popular during World Cup matches, so they turned to a local cultural expert like Luciana. According to Luciana, a Brazil native, the term was trending because Brazilians love eating sweet popcorn while they watch futbol, their country's greatest pastime.

The translators give analysts the context behind what their countrymen are searching for. They also make sure that the graphic puns actually express what the copy means — and isn't culturally offensive.

Photo: Lisette Mejia

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