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Maisie Williams, Arya of Game of Thrones

What was it like filming the last scene with the Hound?

"Doing that scene, I knew it was coming for a long time. The way it was done in the series was different from the way it was done in the books, and I was wondering how people were going to react to that.

"Rory McCann [the actor who plays The Hound] and I, we spent a lot of time together this year and he is such a great guy. When I read it on paper, it seemed to go really seamlessly. It just felt really natural. Sometimes, you have to change a lot of things to please people on set."

Tell us about training for Arya.

"In the books Arya was written as a left-hand fighter, and I am right-handed. When production started, I wanted to do everything left-handed. It started out as good fun, and now it's turned out to be really difficult. But I'm sticking with it, and it turned out fine. A lot of time I come in to learn a fight sequence and it's been choreographed right-handed, and I have to say we've got to change it all. It's a bit of a nightmare, but it's exciting."

Would you trade roles with any castmates?

"Cersei Lannister!"

What's your favorite kick-ass moment?

"Arya is usually very confrontational, except for one scene in season two. When she says to Tywin, 'Everybody can be killed,' and he doesn't know that she's Arya but she knows what that means to her."

Who is more ruthless: Arya or Margaery?

"The way Margaery can manipulate characters is not something to be messed with. For different reasons, Arya is ruthless because she's physically brutal. Some of the kill scenes that's Arya had, it's brutal for a 12-year-old to be experiencing that firsthand. . . . You can't live your life like that and be OK in your head forever. In episode 10, there is no reason as to why she's leaving The Hound. She's not sure what's right or wrong. It's about all these people trying to desperately gain power, or revenge. "

What scene would you want for yourself?

"More stunts. A lot of the time we have doubles in case we get injured or whatever, which is so stupid. I'd love to do more work with horses. Richard Madden, who plays Robb Stark, got to actually gallop, and I want to actually gallop."

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