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Tatiana Maslany, All the Clones of Orphan Black

Who is a kick-ass female emeritus to you?

"Leela from Futurama!"

What superhero or villain would you want to play?

"I'd love to be Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He's got a great Brooklyn accent."

What scene would you want for yourself?

"In episode two of season two, Mrs. S shows her true colors. She murders a couple people in cold blood. I just wanted to be Maria really. She has such a stillness and a violence in her that I love."

What's your favorite kick-ass moment?

"When Alison was forced into an intervention, she has this moment where she projectile-vomits on all of her friends. It was so exciting, because she's so contained, perfect, and pretty. For her to scream sketchy words at people, it was really a thrill."

The scene that made you take the part:

"It was the opening scene of season one of Orphan Black, just the introduction of Sarah's character and how she wasn't likable in any way. Everything she did was deplorable. She wasn't a good person on the outside. I was drawn to that idea. I was fascinated by her and wanted to embody that criminal thing."

Tatiana, you're No. 1 through No. 7 on the call sheet. You've never played an adult before this role. What was that like?

"The closest I got was Mary mother of Jesus, but she was 15. I had always played characters 10 years my junior, so this was nice, stepping into my own womanhood and moving into a position of leadership and responsibility as an actor. The great thing is that I get to explore all the insecurities that go along with that power. Sarah's running away from being a mother, while Alison is alpha mom. There's a beautiful gamut that I'm able to play with."

Why did you choose to make playlists as a technique for getting into character?

"Music is a big thing for me. Dance has always inspired me. I wanted to come to the characters with a physical change, internal change, rhythmic change. I went to music and felt that a certain playlist would move me in a different way and a different palette of emotion to work one. Music has that kind of transformative quality to it."

On going out of your comfort zone:

"This season we introduced a new clone, Tony, who's a transguy, and for me that was a huge responsibility and privilege to explore gender in that way. Our show is about identity, and it was a perfect direction for our show to go. It challenged Jordan Gervaris, who plays Felix, and I because we've had so many dynamics between us, and this one got into a sexual tension. To me pushing out of my comfort zone, as soon as I have fears or doubts, I think, 'That's where I have to go as an actor.'"

What's the most amount of characters you've had to play?

"Three is the most. Logistically, it's a nightmare. Then we did the four-clone dance party, and that was two days of major choreography."

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