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Kevin Smith

I feel for Kevin Smith, who was recently kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for being overweight. His epic rant on Twitter shows his rage — great for blowing off some steam, maybe not so great when it's all you can talk about for days. If you must complain on Twitter, do so, then think about posting the rest on your blog. Dust yourself off, Kevin! We love you no matter what your size.

Monique-Marie427757 Monique-Marie427757 4 years
I can see why he was upset and he has every right to rant and rave but things do get old after awhile. But then some people get over things faster then others. I hope he starts to feel better about himself regardless of what size he wants to be. I am not mad at the airlines because they have certain rules and sometimes rules suck, but then again life in general has rules.
5 years
Come on, get real. If you are going to dump on Kevin, why not show a CURRENT image of him. Further, it seems like from your post that you are taking SWA's side. First time at your site and most likely the last time as well.