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Adrian's Entourage of Fun

Mar 6 2007 - 1:55pm

It seems like forever ago since we last watched Entourage but the boys are back together and luckily we get some cute shots of Adrian Grenier in between seasons. One of the things we love most about Entourage (besides Ari's obnoxious one-liners) is the great dynamic between the characters. These guys always look like they're having tons of fun and as it turns out - they really are! Here's more [1]:


"This show is about friendship and having the time of your lives," Grenier said during an appearance for the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. "Every week we do a new episode, we're in a new, exciting location. All we have to do is have fun all day long."

Sounds like the perfect job and I'm sure rubbing elbows with celebrities and beautiful women on the set doesn't hurt either! We can't wait for the fun to return to HBO this spring, but until then, we'll just enjoy these pics of yummy Adrian.

Bauer-Griffin [2]

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