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Angie Works Late At Night While Brad Fulfills Civic Duty

Aug 10 2007 - 10:39am

Angelina was hard at work on Wanted [0] late into the night yesterday. It was a little too late for the kiddies to be on set with mom, but unfortunately Brad dad couldn't be taking care of them either. He was in LA yesterday afternoon serving on jury duty. He was assigned to serve on a DUI case, but the defendant ended up pleading no contest. Sigh, if only it had been Paris, Nicole or Lindsay's case -- hilarious. Apparently at one point a fellow juror approached Brad with a magazine [1] talking about his supposed split from Angelina and asked him if it was true. Awk-ward. At that point, he was moved to a private room to enjoy his Subway sandwich lunch. What would be crazier, Angelina filming on your Chicago block or Brad there for your jury duty?


Lots more of Angelina on set so

Flynet [2]

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