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33 Times You Felt Really, Really Jealous of Rachel McAdams

Jul 1 2015 - 2:30pm

From Mean Girls to The Notebook to her very long list of crazy-hot costars [1], Rachel McAdams [2] has already had one awesome Hollywood career. Now that she's starring in the new season of True Detective [3], we're taking a look back at some of her most memorable and enviable moments, both on screen and off.

In the past decade, Rachel has made out with Ryan Gosling [4], Ryan Reynolds [5], and Channing Tatum [6], not to mention all her cool-girl movie roles and some sexy red carpet moments, too. Meanwhile, she's also won hearts by just being herself. Back in 2013, she shared some thoughtful words of wisdom [7] with us: "Embrace life's messiness. That's where the joy can really be." In other words, she's talented, wise, and, yes, beautiful to boot. From movie scenes to real-life loves, take a look at moments that made you feel really, really, understandably jealous of Rachel McAdams.

When She Was the Hot Chick in The Hot Chick

When She Got to Play Regina George

When She Stunned at the Mean Girls Premiere

When Ryan Gosling Rowed Her Through a Pond of Swans

When She Got to Cozy Up to Ryan For a Portrait Session

When She Looked Like an Old Hollywood Star

When She Looked Like an Adorable Teenager

When She Got to Make Out With Ryan Yet Again

When She Got to Make Out With Ryan REYNOLDS, Too

Wait, but seriously?

When She Played the Cool Girl in Wedding Crashers

When She Looked Photoshopped but Wasn't

When She and Her Blue Eye Shadow Were Totally Fierce

When She Sparkled Like a Ray of Human Sunshine

When She and Her Pink Hair Kissed Ryan on the Red Carpet

When She Looked Like Some Kind of Goddess-y Princess

When She Gave Audrey Hepburn a Run For Her Money

When She Knew Exactly How Cool It Was to Sit by Anna Wintour

When She Channeled Elsa Way Before Frozen Happened

When She Struck a Fierce Pose and You Saw a Glimmer of Regina

When She Was a Vision at the 2010 Oscars

When She Perfectly Pulled Off Pink on Pink

When She Resembled Brigitte Bardot and You Did a Double Take

When She Looked Totally, Effortlessly Beautiful

When She Got to Do This With Channing Tatum

Source: Screen Gems [8]

When She Had the Most Glamorous Train

When Her Blond-Bombshellness Was Almost Too Much

When She Wore a Hot Jumpsuit Like, "Oh, This Old Thing?"

When She Expertly Showed Off a Little Leg

When She Rocked Some On-Point Menswear

When She Looked Every Bit the Glamorous Movie Star

When She Owned the About Time Premiere Like Nobody's Business

When She Was Just the Girl Next Door

When She Was (Really, Really) Pretty in Pink

But, Yeah, Mostly When This Happened . . .

You go, Rachel McAdams [9].


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