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Teddy Ruxpin and 14 More Toys That Shaped Your Childhood

Dec 25 2015 - 8:30am

Remember Teddy Ruxpin? The talking toy bear — who had a cassette player in his back and whose eyes and mouth moved as he read stories — was introduced at Christmas in 1985. It quickly sold out in stores and became a bestselling toy the following year. Everything about Teddy Ruxpin is so '80s, from the cassette tapes and his weirdly subdued outfit to the fact that our parents thought it was totally normal to let an animatronic bear read bedtime stories to us. In honor of our undying love for Teddy — and the upcoming toy-filled holiday — we've rounded up more toys that shaped our childhoods. Scroll down to see them all now, and then check out more reasons to rock your jellies off [1] and things you'll definitely remember as a teenager in the 2000s [2].

Source: RetroJunk [3]

Teddy Ruxpin

We had a very soft spot for this little guy.

Easy-Bake Oven

Weren't you bummed when you realized that you can't cook dinner with a lightbulb?

Source: RetroJunk [4]

Polly Pocket

Pint-size playtime.

Source: RetroJunk [5]

Power Wheels

You couldn't actually drive to the beach in the Barbie Beach Buggy, but you used your imagination, and that's all that mattered.


This robot made learning fun.

Source: RetroJunk [6]


Yes, you are totally ready for a puppy now.

Source: RetroJunk [7]



Cabbage Patch Kids

The doll that launched a thousand mall brawls.

Source: RetroJunk [8]

Super Soakers

All you needed was a hot day, a few friends, and a garden hose.

Source: RetroJunk [9]

Fashion Plates

You had this toy to thank for getting you into design school.

Source: RetroJunk [10]

Fisher-Price Roller Skates

You didn't even have to take your shoes off!

Source: RetroJunk [11]


Who knew it could be such a great workout?


It was all fun and games until the pieces got picked up by the vacuum cleaner.

Source: RetroJunk [12]

Dear Diary

Because a pen and paper just wouldn't do.

Source: RetroJunk [13]

Hungry Hungry Hippos

There was always one hippo whose jaw got stuck, and that was the one you made your little brother use.

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