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Britney's Repeat Performance in Anaheim

May 3 2007 - 9:02am

Britney was on stage again last night [0], this time bringing her tentative comeback tour to House of Blues Anaheim. Again, she graced the stage for less than 15 minutes, performing the same 5 song medley of her hits. [0] After hearing about the San Diego show, fans were prepared for a less-than-satisfactory show, but that didn't stop them from showing up in droves. The only real difference in the shows (other than the fact that she was supposedly chewing gum last night -- of course) was security. This time they tried their hardest to keep out the digital camera/video masses. [1] For this reason, we don't have video of last night, but after the jump is by far the clearest video of her SD performance we've seen. As I mentioned before, she's a little off in her moves, but I can only assume practice will bring her back to the top of her game.


To see more pics of Britney pre-Anaheim show AND the best video of Britney in San Diego yet just

Flynet [2]

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