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D.J. Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler Are Just the Cutest Real-Life BFFs

Feb 13 2016 - 6:00am

With the Full House reboot [1] in the works, everyone's talking about Candace Cameron Bure and her real-life BFF, Andrea Barber, returning to the small screen together. To the delight of D.J. and Kimmy fans, both Andrea (aka Kimmy Gibbler) and Candace (D.J. Tanner) have taken to social media over the last couple years to share snaps of their sweet friendship on Instagram. The adorable duo regularly post pictures of their lunch dates, their running adventures, and the Full House glory days, so to get excited for the Netflix series Fuller House, which premieres on Feb. 26, take a look at why D.J. and Kimmy are the cutest BFFs, and then check out the official trailer for Fuller House [2].

Candace: "18 days left! #FullerHouse Who's excited?! Only on @netflix."

Andrea: "This girl. One of my longest friendships. And this is how we smile & laugh every single time we're together. Happy Birthday @candacecbure!! I can't wait to continue our adventures together."

Andrea: "Homies. #fulladrinks #fullerhouse."

Andrea: "#TBT that time we did the Warrior Carry at Tough Mudder and @candacecbure carried me the ENTIRE way, including past the switch point where you are supposed to switch and carry your partner! Candace is the toughest of them all!! #ToughMudder #ToughMother #Ziplock."

Candace: "Check out the full length trailer for @FullerHouse!! - It’s even better than a chocolate cake party! @netflix #Fullerhouse."

Andrea: "#TBT Two years ago this week, we had a little meeting, to start discussing a little project. #FullerHouse"

Candace: "Love these girls."

Candace: "Hockey mom by day, #Netflix woman by night- #FullerHouse meets #orangeisthenewblack."

Candace: "Missing my girls @andreabarber @jodiesweetin #FullerHouse @fullerhouse."

Candace: "When @andreabarber steals your phone. I ❤️ you. #FullerHouse coming February 26th to @netflix !!."

Candace: "Don't forget to catch us on @theellenshow today!! We are premiering the first trailer for #FullerHouse with the new theme song by Carly Rae Jepson ! And later today, the longer version will be posted on YouTube! @netflix @andreabarber @jodiesweetin."

Candace: "This is love..... friends forever, K&DJ, A&C@andreabarber"

Andrea: "Thanks @candacecbure & @scottweinger for such a great night at #DWTS! This was even more fun than our 1993 prom when DJ and Steve broke up for two minutes and Kimmy's acrylic nails ended up stuck to her date's rear end. @dancingabc"

Andrea: "#TBT My Senior prom, 1994. The Full House producers rearranged the shooting schedule to shoot all of my scenes first so I could attend my prom. The hair & make-up crew primped me up. My date Ben and I took pictures in front of the fake fireplace on the living room set. Then the cast took this group shot and sent us on our way. One of my favorite memories EVER."

Candace: "Look who stopped by rehearsal! @loriloughlin@andreabarber @markballas #dwts @dancingabc"

Andrea: "I think everybody needs a cake like this on their birthday. 1989. @candacecbure #throwbackthursday"

Candace: "Parade day in Montana with @andreabarber"

Andrea: "1989. Hanging at the cool kids table. Oh yeah and@bobsaget too. ; ) cc: @loriloughlin @cooler111@johnstamos"

Andrea: "Full hearts here at @dcoulier and @melissabring's wedding [3]."

Andrea: "TGIF, people. Hollywood Xmas Parade, 1991.@candacecbure @jaleelwhite"

Andrea: "Love this girl so much. Already a champion in my mind. When you throw 100% of yourself into something you've never done before, leave your comfort zone in a very public way, and handle all of the stress & pressure with grace and aplomb....well, that is a success that simply can't be measured by votes or scores. Love you @candacecbure and I'm so proud of everything you've accomplished on DWTS.  I'll be rooting for you tonight."

Andrea: "Pretty sure I was just jealous of @candacecbure's XO earrings in this photo. 1989. #throwbackthursday"

Candace: "Don't freak out!! Yeah, we really are #BFFs@andreabarber"

Andrea: "Three amigas. I think we were all secretly in the running for "coolest bangs." @candacecbure@jodietweetin"

Candace: "Happy Birthday to my partner in crime for 28 years! Love you! @andreabarber"

Candace: "#TBT @johnstamos sent me this oldie but goodie with@andreabarber . Why is my head so big compared to yours?!"

Candace: "#BFFs. Best Friends Forever — for you Full House fans! #ColorRun @andreabarber"

Andrea: "#TBT 1988 @candacecbure Back before we started doing funny face selfies...we were doing funny face selfies."

Candace: "#NKOTB @andreabarber This will be epic!"

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